How to Buy the Best Baby Toys – Guide to buying Baby Toys


Download PDF to print here: How to Choose Toys for Babies

It can be hard to know what to look for when buying toys for babies, so we’ve written a guide to buying baby toys for you.


How to Choose Toys for Babies – The Best Baby Toys

When choosing a toy for a baby, it is important to think about the type of toy that will be appropriate for, and enjoyed by the baby.

A toy for a baby needs suit the baby’s age and developmental stage, as well as ensuring the toy will be safe.

Toys need to stimulate a baby’s senses, engage the child mentally and be within the baby’s physical capabilities.

Babies are discovering their bodies, and how to use them.   They are becoming aware of their surroundings, and developing all their senses.   So toys with bright, primary colours, and different textures to touch are a good choice, as are toys they can squeeze, suck or make move.

Toys that shake, rattle, and have simple actions or surprise sounds are popular.

Baby toys should be light and easy to grasp.

As babies get older, they are learning to sit, roll around, crawl, walk and talk.

Older babies like to experiment with toys: pull, twist, stack, turn, push buttons, throwing, sucking, squeezing, and biting.

Popular toys for older babies are: musical toys, push or pull along toys, stacking toys, bath toys, pop up toys.

Babies enjoy stimulating their senses and experimenting: creating with non-toxic finger paint is an ideal activity.

It is vital that baby toys are safe.

  • Check warning labels to      ensure the toy recommended for the age group and does not present a      choking hazard. Babies like to put things in their mouth, so the toy, or      any part that can be pulled off it should not be too small – a good guide      is: if it will into a 35mm film canister it is too small and a choking      hazard.
  • Make sure toy is clean;
  • Ensure the toy is sturdy and      strong so that parts won’t break off it, creating a choking hazard or      present sharp edges;
  • Check there are no rough      surfaces or sharp edges or points and that wooden toys are free from      splinters;
  • Ensure there are no long      cords on toys that could accidentally strangle the baby (cords greater      than 22cm long).
  • Look for and avoid small      holes that fingers could get stuck in, or moving parts that could pinch or      trap fingers;
  • Test for loud noises – is      the noise too loud?  Could the noise damage a baby’s hearing?
  • Ensure the toy can be washed;
  • Ensure the toy is made from      non-toxic materials.

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