How to Build a Cardboard Rocket Playhouse

How to Build a Cardboard Rocket Playhouse

1. Purchase Cardboard Rocket Playhouse from Green Ant Toys

2. Your Cardboard Rocket Playhouse will  be despatched to your Australian Delivery Address within 1 Business Day. It will arrive neatly flat packed.

3. Check Contents: 2 Large Rocket Halves, 3 Rocket Fins, 1 Instruction Sheet.


4. Assemble the Roof on each Rocket Half.  Fold edge along scored line and push flaps into pre-cut slots.


5. Fold the three Fins along Scored Lines. Fold Flaps ready to join to Rocket Halves.


6. Insert the three Fins into the pre cut slots on Rocket Halves.  Fold the bottom of the flap up, insert into slot, and unfold flap to secure.

 Image      Rocket 2 halves

7. Join two halves of the rocket together.  Fold Edge along Score.  Insert Flaps into slots.


Now, wasn’t that simple?  Your Cardboard Rocket is Ready to Paint, Decorate and BLAST OFF – 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0


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