McAfee Firewall Won’t Turn On

Thought I might relay a story about McAfee Antivirus software and customer support.

McAfee Antivirus software Firewall indicated it was turned off and would not turn back on.

Concerned, we went to McAfee Support, went through their online process, then online chat.  Were informed it was a virus and we could pay McAfee $129 to remove it.

Hmmm, McAfee Software, which we pay for to protect our computers, has been corrupted and we have to pay them to fix it?   Sounds like a scam to me.

Went online and read up on it.  Found a suggestion to uninstall and re-install McAfee Software.

Guess what?   It worked.

I am NOT a Tech or computer geek, but I do realise that the problem started immediately after both a Windows Update and McAfee Update had occurred.  In my ignorant state, I wonder if in fact it was a software conflict due to the updates.

This is not the first time this has happened to me with McAfee Software – last time McAfee fixed it (Without charging me).  I recall it happened last time after updates were installed too.

So if this happens to you, it is worth a try.

I will be changing software supplier very shortly.

By the way, Green Ant Toys Will NEVER EVER treat it’s customers in this shabby way, we love our customers.


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