Do you spend too much on your children?


Green Ant Toys Welcomes you to 2013, and wishes you a happy, healthy, and prosperous year.

I was reading an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald (Re-Published from The Telegraph, London) –

The Article is about trying to live for a year without spending money (other than food and medical costs) on a 2 year old child, and got my interest.

As a society we are conditioned to believe that we “Need” a whole lot of stuff to be happy, to get by, to live a normal life.  And really, nothing could be further than the truth.  My children had a great time as toddlers playing with the pots and pans and a wooden spoon.   Although my ears suffered they had a ball.

There are lots and lots of toys on the market that are promoted and advertised to children, and create wants and desires to own that toy. But once the toy comes home, it is played with for half an hour and then dumped in the corner.  We too experienced this waste when our children were  young.

The article’s example of a water pistol being used in various creative ways is entirely in keeping with Green Ant Toys philosophy.  While not spending anything at all is at one extreme, we source toys that will engage children, and inspire play.  If you purchase quality toys that children want to play with there is no reason to have lots and lots of them.

The website Free Our Kids is here:

Let’s look forward to a simpler year in 2013.

(Image from SMH Article: Raising Kids for Free 16.01.2013, linked above)


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One comment on “Do you spend too much on your children?”

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