Since when is a three year old wanting to sleep with the light on a possible sign of mental illness??? It is the world that is crazy!

By: Green Ant Toys

Jun 10 2012

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Article in the Sydney Herald today admittedly it is Sunday and a long weekend, so time to fill the paper with dross.  Announces introduction of mental health checks on 3 year olds, looking for signs of such troubling behaviour as – sleeping with the light on – not wanting to sleep in own bed – poor impulse control.

Hello?????  These seem to be very common 3 year old behaviours to me!  The article sounds like the idea is to pick up kids that are causing trouble for their parents – but are difficult childhood behaviours necessarily signs of mental illness – or are they just signs of difficult childhood behavior?   Although I fail to see the difficulty with wanting a night light on – especially if the child needs to get up sometimes for the toilet or a bad dream.

Further MEDICALISATION of variations of normality?

Why not establish and publicise clinics that parents can go to with the child for assistance if they are not coping well with their children’s behaviour – rather than implementing “Mental health screening”?   There are plenty of parents out there struggling with their kids behaviour that just need a bit of a head in the direction of managing that behaviour.  If you don’t want your child to sleep in your bed – manage that behaviour – it’s not mental illness!

Crazy Crazy world.






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